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Health Coach Read Bio


Program discontinuation

PLEASE NOTE: As communicated to participants in the Field Health Coaching program on January 18th, 2015, the program will be discontinued effective August 1, 2015. Between now and July 31st, eligible employees and their covered spouses may still meet with a coach and work on their health goals. At the appropriate time, coaches will begin discussing and working with participants on a transition plan. This plan may include helping to identify and access resources to support their health in the absence of a coach.

What is health coaching?

Health Coaching is a wellness offering brought to you by Dartmouth College. In this program, you will partner with a Health Coach who will help you work toward your health and wellness goals, formulate a plan, and hold you accountable for progress while providing structure, encouragement, and support along the way.

Health Coaches can provide you with advice and guidance on nutrition, exercise, and other areas to help you maintain or improve your health – whether you are looking to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, quit tobacco products, or improve your exercise routine, your Health Coach can help!

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